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Most frequently asked question:Why did you leave medicine?
Most frequently given answer: I have not left medicine!

After qualifying in Medicine (University College Hospital Medical School, London, UK) I spent ten years working mostly in General Medicine and Clinical Biochemistry. As my interest in medical informatics grew so did my commitment to help close the chasm of incomprehension and unrealistic expectation between system suppliers, commissioners and the (often sidelined) end-users of systems.

Successful healthcare informatics systems

Waiting until the 'perfect' system arrives achieves nothing. Small victories are no longer to be missed. Useful low cost scaleable applications are being designed and implemented which satisfy real requirements now! Increasingly versatile messaging and coding standards allow small and large systems to communicate for mutual benefit.

I believe I have a valuable contribution to make. I work full time to achieve progress founding Medical Object Oriented Software in 1998.


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